Now see the awe-struck faces of your friends when you expertly deal the tiles at the touch of a button … the owner’s pride, these beautifully designed Mahjong tables do all the hard work while letting you have the fun! Let go of manual dealing, unnecessary physical contact with the tiles and chips and the noisy experience of regular Mahjong and make way for an all new gaming experience! Enjoy your favourite Mahjong with our contemporary Automatic Mahjong Tables in style – just the way you prefer it!


Offering very minimal physical contact with the tiles, these machines are the perfect hygienic way to enjoy a round of Mahjong. The Automatic Mahjong Tables offer a quiet and peaceful gaming experience where the sounds are only those of glee and cheer and not the unpleasant clutter the tiles and chips make, making them the best solution for late-night parties with undiluted fun!


Because you don’t waste any time in manual operations, this amazing AMT increases speed of each game which means you can pack more games inthe same amount of time. Cool, isn’t it?

No more cheating!

The AMT is totally computerised. No player can now manually manipulate card stacking and dice throwing.


This AMT is so peaceful that your loves ones,especially the elderly and kids,can now enjoy sound and peaceful sleep even while you are “Mahjong Networking” through the night!

These tables come with superior finish, sleek and compact design and are easily foldable for storage. Operated by remote control device, these high-tech gadgets are strong and sturdy and offer the ultimate finish to match your class and style.

Our round-the-clock maintenance services ensure your Mahjong experience is uninterrupted and very pleasurable.

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